Buy Shoerack and storage boxes in Pakistan. its made with pure Material:Made of Mdf sheet with high quality polish

Measurements: Height : 54″,Width 22″,Depth :15. these shoerack cabinet is divided with multiracks the all racks are in the same length with same depth. you can store anything in there and the design of these shoe cabinet is very atractive and color is so good. there is one cabinet in the top of this shoerack. where you can store your car keys and other things. in the top head you place the glom of followers in there. so its make the more beauty in these shoerack

we made a shoerack with good and quailty wood are used in it. So the customer will satisfied with shoerack. we have a difference variations in can also call it a shoe box or you can call it a shoerack and storage boxes of shoes and cendles. many company made this shoesrack but our company have the quality and we deal the best design in shoeracks and shoe boxes in pakisan . so the customer trust us easily and purchase it with satisfactory. our first priority is that we deliver it with time and make the customer happy from his shop with .now a days shoerack is the most common used things in the home,offices and restaurants because every one want to show his home office and restaurant look clean.kindly visit our website and facebook for more satisfaction and Place your order. we are only located in lahore. and get delivery in all over Pakistan with minimum cost. High Quality product right at your door step.


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